Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An Effort to Provide you the Info You Need

Friends, I am not very good about writing blog. Basically content writing is not my job at all. Wanted to take this opportunity to accept valuable feedbacks on the effort to standardize our project web pages across all chapters and locations of MUKTI. This is being couple of years MUKTI is working for the needy people at various parts of India. While MUKTI was able to execute many successful projects at very grass hoot level of the society and able to serve thousands of people on their need, projects information were not been handy to the well-wishers, without whose help MUKTI could not be this what MUKTI today.

We are taking conscious effort to highlight all our works (known as ‘projects’) through our official website. Recently we came-up with a template of project pages and currently we are uploading all our project related information in our server so that at any time from any parts of World this information is available.

We would like get your feedback on this and you may contact us or write comment here to let us know how or what information may help you to know more about us and our activities. Here is example of couple of our recent projects:

Talented Students Sponsorship 2010-2011 Book Bank 2010-2011 Coaching Center 2010-2011

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