Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One more step …

Couple of weeks back we have started giving a shape of our all works (projects) in our website. Communicating to our well-wishers about our activities and ideology is always the high priority to us and we realize the importance of the same when we committed to keep-up the good works for the needy people across the globe.

With this aim in mind we started this drive to bring all our projects at one place so that well-wishers can get all necessary information while browsing the webpage. We talked about that in our earlier post. One consolidation page has been created to get all projects in a same place. Each project what MUKTI supports can be broadly categorized into five different sections – Education, Culture, Health, Ecology and Livelihood. This consolidated page gives you a chance to see the projects in these pre-defined categories. Visitor can even see the current and past projects under each category. Click the project title and browse the project detail page.

In project detail page we tried providing as much detail of the project possible, for example, latest news coming from project sites, related photo gallery, detail project description, goal or purpose, history of the project, project site location and project coordinator. We hope this will help you to know and follow our activities. We urge every individual to come forward and help our cause. There are many ways you can involve with us. Visit our donation page to more how you can help us to help the needy. We will come back soon at this place again in coming days with more details.

Please do comment and post your suggestion in comment section of this post.

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